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3 Ways to See If You Can Trust Your Hairdresser

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Were you ever embarrassed by a bad haircut?

‌Not all hairstylists are helpful. This article is great to gauge if your friendly neighborhood hairdresser is actually sabotaging your style. We picked this topic because most people assume that anyone with a pair of hairdressing scissors can do the job. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

‌Some hairdressers will tell you to do a bob cut even if it doesn’t suit the shape of your face. Well, some hairdressers can be wrong. Style comes with experience and having a stylist who performs professional hairdo may potentially save you some hefty cost and the trauma of a bad haircut

Trusting your hair, something you wear everyday to a stranger with sharps may sound as scary as a blinded trust fall. But once you find THE ONE, and you find THE CUT (D'cut, pun intended)

It's like all of the stars are aligned, everything feels right. You don't have to worry about a bad haircut anymore.

For those looking for the edge, this guide details 3 accurate signs that your hair stylist truly cares about you, and if you can trust them.

1. They are gentle with you, but execute cuts confidently.

Ever encountered a stylist who tosses and frisk through your hair so violently you're worried that you'll find a piece of your ear on the floor just to find that your hair still looked like Sh*t? That's a huge red flag. If that ever happens, run and don't look back. Your half-cut hair? Don't worry about it. Go to the salons recommended in our blog to fix them.

2. They answer patiently to your questions, no matter how silly they may sound.

Does long, awkward silence during the wait for your hair color to apply just kills you? A good hairdresser takes the time to advise you on hair care whenever they can, no matter how silly the question may sound.

3. They are able to recommend stylish trends that suit you, leaving you happy as you leave the salon.

Have you ever tried on a trendy hairstyle only to regret it right after you open your eyes and look into the mirror? Me, for sure, have been there quite a few times. I once thought that I would look good with air bangs, but I turned out to be like Crayon Shin Chan's mom because of my chubby face and a goofy center-parting. In short, it was a disaster. Did my hairdresser know then? Maybe? Judging by a slightly raised eyebrow when I requested that cut. But did he stop me? No. Because I didn't know better and he didn't make any recommendations. A good stylist is not afraid to make recommendations, bold or conservative, accommodating to your level of comfort, your personal taste and style.

And there you have it.

This is our list on how to choose your hairdresser. ‌Which do you think are the most helpful?

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